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For the first time, Monaco is holding an international-scale exhibition in homage to Princess Grace. 

Organised in close collaboration with the Prince's Palace, which is making available items never previously displayed, this exhibition retraces all the periods and facets of her life, from Grace Kelly, Hollywood star, to Princess of Monaco ceaselessly promoting the international repute of a Principality that adopted and loved her from the moment she set foot on its Rock in 1956.

"Princess Grace has bequeathed us an image of immutable elegance. We may never have seen any of her films or visited the Principality of Monaco, yet this image remains present in all our minds like a necessary antidote to the harshness of the world we live in," explains the exhibition's curator, Frédéric Mitterrand. "It is the elegance of a wealthy young woman from Philadelphia personifying the American dream and of the debutante in sophisticated magazines and sentimental comedies expressing the optimism of the immediate post-war years; it is the elegance of Technicolor Hollywood glamour; the elegance of a woman in love who freely chose to alter the course of her existence, of a princess of one of Europe's oldest dynasties, of a devoted mother and monarch who dedicated herself efficiently and unsparingly to her family and people; it is the elegance of her smiling reserve that so fascinated the media, her immensely sensitive and poetic lifestyle that retained its share of mystery, and her beauty preserved by its perpetually youthful charm. It is the elegance of the era that was hers and for which we all feel nostalgic."
"Princess Grace's premature death 25 years ago wrote her into the tragic lineage of ill-fated legends and imbued her with the timeless fascination of fairy tales. We have long been aware that fairy tales are not solely written for children but tell the truth and interest everyone. But the fairy tale of which Princess Grace is the heroine is undoubtedly one of the most moving, for it is the last of days gone by and the first of modern times," concludes this talented story teller.
The exhibition immerses visitors in the memories of those Grace Kelly Years as if leafing through a photo album, as well as revealing letters, personal belongings, dresses and fashion accessories, sound recordings, film extracts, news reports and much more. "We want the exhibition to recreate the incomparable world of Princess Grace and evoke the reasons the memory of her persists in all our minds."

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