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Children's workshop

12/23 July

Youth -


Reservation : Billetterie du Grimaldi Forum Monaco : +377 99 99 30 00

Children's Workshops

July 12 - 23, 2021 
From Monday to Friday

Aged 7-11 

Number of participants per day: 20


Monday - Drawing from a model

The children take a classmate as model to make their portrait with a pencil, taking turns to sit

(as Giacometti used to do) and learn various methods for sketching.

Tuesday - Portrait

The children work from a painted portrait of Annette: they reproduce the drawing of the figure and the general construction of the painting in black biro, then colour in the surface in grey and brown tones with soft pastels.

Wednesday - Modelling

The children construct a head or a bust with a “Giacometti-like” base from a block of modelling clay.

Thursday - Sculpture with wire

The children reproduce the sculpture Walking Man in clay using wire as a support, Alberto Giacometti’s favourite method.

Friday - Still life

Like Giacometti paying homage to Cézanne, the children work from compositions of apples, translating volumes and the play of shadows with dry pastels.