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Variety Show


It is a performance with endless twists!

Speakeasy, an original production from the company the Rat Pack, immerses us in the 1930s, in the middle of an underground American bar during the Prohibition era. On the run, revolver in hand and cigar in mouth, mafia boss, henchman, pin-up, barman, bandit… all archetypes from gangster movies that compete onstage in a dark story of criminal jealousy. But here, the codes of film noir are mischievously diverted by a group of circus performers, virtuosos of the Chinese pole, the aerial hoop, the Cyr wheel, and acrobatics. To a soundtrack composed by the French hip-hop/electro group Chinese Man, the Rat Pack pays tribute to the silent era of the seventh art, blending circus arts and choreography. 

Salle Prince Pierre