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"The most stunning of civilizations", "magical and mysterious"... there's certainly no lack of adjectives to describe Ancient Egypt, a source of fascination and admiration that never ceases offering up secrets hidden and treasures buried beneath several thousand years of history.

Although endless exhibitions has been devoted to the subject, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco went one unprecedented step further by being the first to turn the spotlight on those women who were Queens of Egypt through a 4000m² exhibition.

Nearly 250 incomparable exhibits to illustrate the subject exhibits loaned by the world's most important museums in Cairo, New York, Berlin, Munich, London, Turin, Moscow etc and of course by the Louvre.

It’s an unprecedented encounter with Egyptian Women, those wives, mothers and daughters of Pharaohs who influenced three thousand years of Egypt's history, through portraits of exceptional figures – Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Nefertari, Hatshepsut and many other female rulers – impatient to reveal themselves to the public.

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