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Vengorov to start



« Shared destinies »

For its concert of opening of season 18-19, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Monte Carlo under the direction of its Artistic and Musical Director, Kazuki Yamada, welcomes his artist in residence, Maxim Vengerov, undisputed violin star. Maxim Vengerov will be the ideal interpreter of this 1st Concerto, one of Shostakovich’s masterpieces, perfectly mixing painful lyricism and infinite melody.

« Ainsi frappe le Destin à la porte ». With these words, Beethoven spoke of his 5th Symphony, famous with its four initial notes, a unique and impressive monument that never ceases to thrill generations of music lovers around the world.


Kazuki YAMADA direction

Maxim VENGEROV violin (artist in residence)
Giuseppe VERDI, The Force of Destiny, opening

Dmitri Chostakovitch, Concerto for violin n° 1, opus 77

Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony n° 5, opus 67

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