Circus-Danse - June 10th Show in support of Ukraine

Variety Show


Circus-Danse - June 10th Show in support of Ukraine

Fri. 10th June 2022 8:00pm

Show in support of Ukraine
7 talented Circassian artists recount their attachment to Ukraine, their country of origin, in an exceptional show combining art of movement, theatre, classical and contemporary dance.

Open your eyes, hold your breath and let your imagination fly! On a ground-covered stage, between light and shadow, 7 Ukrainian acrobats push the limits of the human body and take you on the traces of their personal stories, between love, freedom and tradition. Drawing on the roots of the performers, the musical universe of the production is a subtle alliance of Tatar, Moldovan and Ukrainian folk sounds.

Directed and choreographed by Bence Vagi, founder and artistic director since 2012, of the Hungarian contemporary circus company Recirquel, My Land has been a phenomenal success since its premiere in 2018 at the Fringe Festival in Edinburg. Played for more than 200 times across Europe, this show takes on a special dimension with the news of the war in Ukraine.

All proceeds from this performance will be donated by the Grimaldi Forum Monaco to the Monegasque Red Cross for Ukraine.

MY LANDby the Compagny RECIRQUEL

10 June, 2022 at 8.00pm - Salle Prince Pierre

Duration: 1h05 - All public, from 6 years

On-site parking, nightly rate from 7 p.m., 0.70c/hour

Discover a documentary about the show and the troupe of My Land here


Photo from the rehearsal for the premiere of My Land organised jointly with CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival. 
Photo by Zsofia Palyi for CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival - Photo by Tamas Rethey-Prikkel for Recirquel