Grimaldi Forum Monaco

Exhibition -


This exhibition aims to pay tribute to two of the greatest legends of automotive history, namely Michel Vaillant and Monaco.

Indeed, similarly to the work of Jean Graton, Monaco has become a mythical symbol of car racing. The Monaco Grand Prix and the Monte-Carlo Rallye have brought not only legendary racing tracks to the world of motorsports, but also unforgettable human exploits. These arenas of the drama of race car competition were represented by Jean Graton throughout his work, with Michel Vaillant having become, over sixty years, the cult comic book of automobile racings. Monaco was represented many times by Jean Graton in the adventures of Michel Vaillant. We can observe, throughout the 70 albums of the exploits of this most famous of comic book race car drivers, the evolution of the most famous circuit in the world. The journey is fantastic, because this representation, a cross between a place and an original work, provides an original, creative, and technological vision of a sporting and artistic adventure.

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