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DAY ONE 2018


Designed for changemakers and organizations that value a global conversation and are the first to take action. Day One is the place for visionary leaders to participate in global debates and drive towards concrete decisions that will make the world a better place. Together, we will pave the way for the beginning of a fair, digital age.


What is the vision that will guide us in a future of changes? Who will and should design it? Will our technology surpass our humanity? Digital technology is deeply and fundamentally transforming society and individuals – giving people unprecedented power – and vulnerabilities. The pace of this change is accelerating and is also unlocking new opportunities for growth. We need to understand existing visions, debate them and act to help people, organizations and businesses to adapt. At Day One Monaco, we will translate the evolution of technology to benefit humanity by developing and investing in concrete solutions.


Over the course of 2.5 days in Monaco (28-30 November) we will challenge each other to forge an inclusive vision of the world with humanity at the center. The world is ready to listen, participate and engage with full attention. It is waiting for leaders who build trust, credibility and influence by translating their vision into action.


A fair and inclusive digital age has three imperatives. It recognizes humanity’s many situations. It is driven by trust. And it creates an inclusive future for all. Keeping these three main duties as governing principle, the program will explore 6 mains subjects:

  • The future of work
  • Providing access to health
  • Data and trust
  • A sustainable food system
  • Cities and territories of the future
  • The global state of Energy


  • +80 top-tier speakers from around the world
  • Only challenging and participative sessions
  • +1000 global decision makers to network with
  • Contribution to inclusive and impactful resolutions
  • A world class destination : Monaco

More information and registration on

Or at / +33 1 84 83 02 97