ELEVATE Monte-Carlo Space Conférence


ELEVATE Monte-Carlo Space Conférence

Tues. 17th - Thurs. 19th October 2023

Join us for a three-day deep dive in the heart of Monaco, where we'll explore the Environmental and Social Impacts of Human Space Exploration. This event will feature insights from former Astronauts, space industry professionals, and those poised to be the next generation of space travelers.

A Word from the Organizers:

Welcome to the 2nd edition of this transformative event! Over the course of three days, you'll have the opportunity to engage with leading minds and pioneers from the space industry. From commercial ventures and space tourism to asteroid mining and deep-space colonization, ELEVATE is the place to discover the breadth of space exploration. Hear firsthand from experts and visionaries shaping space's future and pioneering new frontiers.

In a continuation of our tradition from last year, Monégasque students and children under 18 can attend the event for free.

This year's conference pushes the boundaries of sustainability, introducing a pioneering mission to clear Earth's orbit of debris, ensuring a safer celestial neighborhood for future generations. Additionally, in a world-first, we'll showcase how humankind can now produce food without straining Earth's resources: "Food Out of Thin Air". It's a presentation you won't want to miss.

Dive into immersive experiences, including feeling the weightlessness of the International Space Station. Attend exclusive workshops, like crafting a rocket capable of soaring 10km skyward. And don't forget to indulge in some Astronaut ice cream at the bar for a unique cosmic culinary treat.

Conference Highlights:

- Children’s conference focusing on unity and teamwork

- Emphasis on environmental stewardship in space

- Human space flight insights, encompassing private travel and astronauts

- Explorations into space logistics and transportation

- Deep dives into satellite systems and cutting-edge space tech

- An extensive look into space exploration and research

Join us and be part of the conversation shaping our universe's future.

Conferences in English


tickets* :

1 day pass @ 69 euros, 

1 day pass (student) @ 42 euros, 

3 days package with "SpaceFund" included @ 169 euros

*other packages available