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“Days of circus” is an exhibition dedicated to the epic of the most famous big tops, to the buckles of these big vessels of entertainment, to the daily exploits of the persons born in the profession and to the trail of dream and light left by the convoy of the stars of the track, when spotlights went out.

“Days of Circus” proposes through posters, tanks of parades, French, German and American circuses, caravans, costumes of the most famous artists, the accessories, a twelve meter model livened up by hundred characters, built by Georges Berger from 1917 till 1937, to rediscover and often to discover this grand and moving universe of the circus, since its creation in the 18th century in England, by Philip Astley, until our days. Journey where the child become adult will find his memories and will have access back to front of the set, caravans, wings, in this incredible flight mechanics that is the circus. Through also works of art of Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec, Seurat, Cocteau, Léger, Pregreen, Rouault, Zadkine, Chagall, Manet, Calder and others else, until modest sisters Vesque who transmitted us their fascination for this universe. Universe becomes an art, a major subject just like the landscape, like the portrait and like the still life. Through the photos of Izis, Bovis, Poldge, Tuefferd finally, are fixed these moments of exception which our memory sometimes forgot.