Thurs. 28th May 2020 8:00pm

Monaco in Film – Film Discussion: Monaco and the Automobile*

The situation of home confinement obliges the Audiovisual Institute of Monaco and the Archives of Monaco’s Palace to postpone to next season the film discussion « Monaco and the automobile », initially programmed on 28 May at the Grimaldi Forum. Despite the current remote activity of its teams, the Institute won’t be in capacity to ensure on time the production of this event. Therefore postponing it appears to be the best solution to keep its historical and audiovisual quality that are its « raison d’être ».

The Institute and the Archives remain nevertheless fully engaged in their contribution to the Grimaldi Forum great summer’s exhibition "Monaco and the automobile, from 1893 to the present days » that will take place from 11 July to 6 September 2020.


*The 19th century ended in an atmosphere full of optimism and certainties: Mankind was fascinated by the progress and benefits of science. And among those recent inventions, two would forever change the world and how we view it: the automobile and film. The arrival of the automobile in Monaco gave rise to a revolution in sports and culture. As an object of curiosity and fascination, the automobile has tamed the topography of a city cut down to size: In this open-air theater, it has always played the leading roles. Princes of Monaco and Monte Carlo’s aristocratic clientele are not strangers to this passion for motorsports. Using text, images, and speech, this new film discussion, in partnership with the Archives of the Palace of Monaco, will offer an account of how the Principality has become in a century, in the eyes of the world, the temple of the automobile.

Photo : Copyright Archives Monte-Carlo SBM