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Monaco, door to all possibilities

A visit to the Principality is always an experience. It has historical heritage, an exceptional micro climate, a well-preserved lifestyle, astonishing architecture, and is the meeting point of Mediterranean and international cultures. At the heart of Europe, Monaco will surprise and delight you.

Monaco beyond clichés: a sovereign state, diversified economic structure and high-quality industry

The Principality has developped an audacious economy, producing innovative ideas, in adequation with its 2 km2 territory. Besides industries like pharmacy, cosmetics and automotive engineering, there comes a range of expertise in finance, new technologies and international business.
The Principality of Monaco has been a member of UNESCO since 1949, a full member of the UN since 1993 and of the Council of Europe since 2004.

Monaco key figures:

  • With a 2,2 Km2 territory and a 3,829m coastline, Monaco is the second smallest state in the world
  • Its highest point is at 165m above sea level
  • It has a population of 37,550 comprising 125 nationalities
  • It has an average temperature of 20°c all year
  • There are 16 museums and monuments to visit and 8 parks to relax in
  • There are many cultural and sporting events each week
  • More than 40,000 people work every day in Monaco in 5,000 businesses, including many major international companies
  • We are an attractive economic destination - one out of four businesses has been established here for more than 20 years and another quarter for less than 5 years
  • 250,000 m2 has been set aside for factories and environmentally friendly enterprises

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