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Cultural Production

Shows, concerts, exhibitions, 20 years experience in Art and Culture

Cultural Production

Shows, concerts, exhibitions, 20 years experience in Art and Culture

Cultural production

Infusing cultural dynamics within the Principality of Monaco.

As part of its public service mission, GFM’s Department of Cultural Events contributes to the cultural richness of the Principality of Monaco and participates in its international and national prestige by supporting a challenging and diverse program, open to all publics.

The production of high level exhibitions and the production of shows and/or concerts are the two axes of this programming, conditioned by material factors such as its focus on certain periods of the year (Summer, essentially, Easter, Christmas) in the center of some chosen spaces: the lobby, the Salle des Princes, and the Espace Ravel – for the summer exhibition. These spatial and temporal requirements influence a cultural policy whose singularity and identity – through, among others, summer exhibitions – is based on three characteristics: novelty, the strength of the scenographic writing, and the international calling.

Crafts & Know-How

The department supports all steps in the implementation of an exhibition of the accompaniement of the commissioner,, from the definition of the subject to its mastery.

- Designer: No summer exhibition topic is a turnkey; they are rather the result of a topic which is validated by a Board and which must provide a new angle, or one never "shown" previously. Once the topic is chosen and the commissioner validated, a work of exchanges and collaboration between the commissioner and the GFM begins to validate the choice of the works. Then, a second step begins between the commissioner, the scenograph, and the GFM in its quality of producer.

- Project development, feasibility studies, and technical direction: our mission will consist in bringing together enterprises and teams who are not used to working together and who need to adopt managerial specifications particular to the project; validate contractual relationships (contact with the commissioner, with the scenograph, etc.) as well as work through price-controlled projects (calls for tenders, edition, scenograph, artworks transport) with technical constraints and prior deadlines.

- Project management, we are committed, alongside the commissioner, the designer, and enterprises, to the project. 


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