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Creole Queen



New album “Woman Soldier”

In 2000, the World Patch B label, looking for atypical voices, offered her a position as lead singer for one of its productions. The album “Noah’s Boat”, produced by Patch B and distributed in France by Night n’ Day and in the United Kingdom by Discovery, led the group to play outside the borders of France… (Cargo, Jazz café in London, the universities of East London and East Anglia in Norwich, etc). The London press describes her as a “phenomenon” and nicknames her the “Creole Queen”. Dublin’s Irish Time gave her four stars for the best selection in World Music. Her meeting with artistic director E.r.k. resulted in a true musical love at first sight; together, they created an atypical universe, mixing sounds that are both raw and technological. Very soon, they created their own label and released two albums. In 2007, the “” album was fully recorded, produced, directed and mixed by the duo. It was with 2009’s “Idiomes”, however, that Morgane Ji undeniably asserted her style. Although the energy of rock and the electromagnetic processes were still there, its atypical polymorphic tones, its idiomatic writing, and its shamanic onomatopoeias placed it in a category apart. Currently, the group is finishing its next opus, from which their EP “Woman Soldier” is extracted. Her polymorphic voice is at turns deep and sensual, animalistic or warrior-like, while her banjo twangs across hypnotic samples and high-flying guitar riffs. She is coming to present her new album “Woman Soldier” accompanied by E.r.k. (guitar, machines), Laurent Sureau (keyboards, handpan), Olivier Carole (bass) and Morgan Cornebert (drums).