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Focusing on cutting-edge information with practical applications for the disciplines of medical aesthetics and anti-aging AMEC is the Largest and Most Interactive Live show in Europe.

AMEC LIVE 2017 13th edition

The European Congress of Esthetic and anti-aging Medicine heads for the "capital Monégasque"!
The most interactive scientific congress regarding esthetic and anti-aging medicine will take place this year on September 15th and 16th, 2017 in Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, under the theme of the excellence and the diversity!
The excellence which consists in carrying the act and the prevention at the highest level and diversity which opens the perspectives the most varied in terms of approaches and innovations.
These two essential values will be worn by world-famous experts who will come to share their expertise with their peers.

Face 2017 2nd edition

University education organized by the University Institute of the Face and the Neck (Nice).
The theoretical sessions of this training will be organized within the Live congress AMEC, and the practical sessions of anatomy and injections will take place in the IUFC.