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The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is equipped with UVO CARE® disinfecting machines

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is equipped with UVO CARE® disinfecting machines

As part of a partnership established with the SIEMC company – the Monegasque representative of the Montpellier start-up T.Zic, the originator of the project, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco has recently installed six new machines capable of disinfecting all types of face mask in three minutes and small everyday accessories in thirty seconds flat! This innovative device makes it possible to perfect the measures already taken by the Principality’s Congress and Cultural Centre both in terms of health and safety and by increasing the longevity of face masks therefore limiting the impact on the environment. 
These machines provide unequalled levels of disinfection with the removal of over 99,99% of viruses and bacteria from objects, including SARS-COV2 Covid-19. The UV-C LED technology is widely recognised as effective in eliminating most viruses, germs and bacteria of all kinds in seconds. For Pour Manuel Bouhelier, one of the three co-founders of T.Zic, "Historically expert in disinfection of water by UV-C LED, we have used our know-how and expertise to develop a simple, rapid and effective response to problems related to the pandemic. UVO Care® is a solution proven in laboratories but also proven by large institutions such as EDF, the French Red Cross, Optic 2000 or the Hyatt Group”. According to Robert Biggi, SIEMC sales manager, “This innovative machine, which has already won over French companies and is starting to expand internationally, should rapidly penetrate the Monegasque market, where safety is a priority. The machine is also suitable for businesses of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest”.
For Sylvie Biancheri, General Manager of the Grimaldi Forum, “It is essential that today we are able to protect and reassure our employees and our customers. Awarded the “Monaco Safe” label, in recent months1, our establishment has shown that it is possible to organise events in compliance with strict health rules. We are delighted with this partnership which allows us to complete our system with the addition of the UVO CARE® machine.
As well as their use in health and safety, these disinfecting machines also prove to be environmentally responsible technology. ISO 14001 certified since 2008, the GFM was also convinced by the device’s potential to extend the lifespan of face masks. It is also energy efficient and requires no special maintenance.
With one touch, open, drop, close, disinfect!

To equip your company, please contact SIEMC: / +377 92 16 51 51.

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