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The Francis Bacon's late painting starred by the Grimaldi Forum

It will undoubtedly be one of the attractions of the exhibition-event that the Grimaldi Forum dedicates this summer to English master :  the last canvas painted by Francis Bacon in 1991, a year before his death, will be unveiled to the public for the first time, between July 2 and September 4.

Study of a bull is a black and white bull erased in a cloud of dust. Found by Martin Harrison, the curator of the exhibition, the painting was sleeping for over 20 years in London

"Study of a bull is absolutely beautiful," said the historian in The Guardian. Conducted in 1991, a few months before the death of the sick artist, creating that measures two meters in height, the researcher already resonates as a farewell to the world. "He was ready to hang up the brush. He knew what he was doing in this painting. But is that the bull brand here a renaissance when leaving for another world? Until his cremation? Bacon often said this sentence: "The dust is eternal. One day we will all die and become dust. ' "

The summer exhibition of the Grimaldi Forum is starring the final painting of Francis Bacon (artist)

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