Grimaldi Forum Monaco


IGGY POP CONCERT (initially scheduled 10 April - postponed 10 September 2020)

New Album: Free

His first album, The Stooges, modestly named after his band, was released 50 years ago. Iggy Pop is an icon: As a pioneer of the punk movement and an inspiration for the grunge scene, he has been joyfully active for half a century. Not yet tired, “the iguana,” as he is nicknamed, says he wants to feel free more than anything else, giving us Free, his eighteenth solo album, a varied twilight album in which he ventures between rock, jazz, and African music with lyrics by Lou Reed or Dylan Thomas. Accompanied by a band composed of Leron Thomas (the trumpeter and organizer of his album), American guitarist Sarah Lipstate, and four French musicians, Iggy Pop will perform his new tracks and his classics and will continue to keep the flame alive!

Salle des Princes

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