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10 reasons to choose The Grimaldi Forum Monaco

  1. Serinity : Our team of 136 event professionals- project manager, spaces design, logistic, audio-visual, restauration, welcome, security and communication – will put all its talent in the service of the success of your event.
  2. Modularity : Our flexible and high-standard convention centre, recently renovated, will transform itself according to your imagination.
  3. High-Tech : High standard equipments, free WiFi access in the public areas, for your comfort.
  4. Proximity : An ideal situation at the heart of Europe, easily accessible, less two hours of flight of the big European capitals and at only 20 kms of the Nice International Airport.
  5. An international destination : Monaco is a real cosmopolitan destination where mix more than 120 nationalities, also renamed for its safety.
  6. Welcoming destination : The Principality possesses a long tradition regarding tourism. Real event capital, all the partners work together to offer you the best service.
  7. R.O.I. : You Return On Investment becomes real thanks to the “Monaco Meetings” offer and its many added values.
  8. Walking-distance : On the 2 500 hotel rooms that counts the Principality, 1500 are situated at less than 10 mn by feet of our Convention Centre.
  9. A privileged climate : All year long, the warmth of the Mediterranean climat.
  10. An environnemental commitment : Our convention centre certified ISO 14001:2004 is engaged in favour of a more responsible event industry. Solutions will be proposed to you to make your project a " Green Event " as to reduce its environmental impact.

The Event Factory Manifesto

WHAT ARE WE? An art centre? A business dedicated venue? Why not both? Andy Warhol used to say that good business is the best art. We firmly believe in that, and our mission is to prove it.

WHAT IF CULTURE WAS A BUSINESS ASSET? Popular  culture,  corporate  culture,  inner   beauty,  world heritage culture is everywhere . lt is the industry that produces the most wealth. lt is the past and the present, science and art , knowledge and imagination. Sorne 15 years ago, the Grimaldi Forum was born with this vision: culture needs to be passed on.

LIKE YIN AND YANG , negative and positive, compression and expansion, the worlds of art and business complement  each  other,  interacting and  producing  energy with a forward thrust, an engine of change. The driving force comes from the most innovative businesses, which are simultaneously visionary and pragmatic, and we have learned to master its mechanisms.

THE GRIMALDI FORUM IS NOT A VENUE;  IT IS A STATE OF MIND. A new dimension born of our unique experience at the confines of art and business; a space for imagination that pushes back the  boundaries of creativity. We call it The Event Factory.

IN REAL LIFE. The dematerialisation of dialogue renders coming together ln Real Life more necessary than ever. The Grimaldi Forum is the incarnation of such human exchanges: a lime for action and reflection, a space that is alive and inhabited. An interval named The Event Factory.

THE EVENT FACTORY IS A MASS OF TALENT AND EXPERIENCE , of creativity and mastery, capable of turning each project into a unique event. More than simply deploying know-how, The Event Factory epitomises the Grimaldi Forum's true added value, borne by its teams and their expertise, and consolidated over time, further enriched every day

DESIGN, PRODUCE, DISSEMINATE: the "Made in The Event Factory" manufacturing process. lt transforms the raw material of ideas into success. The Event Factory is an idea refinery.

 THE EVENT FACTORY IS A METHOD, a new, out­ of-the-box style of project management and organisation: transversal, smooth, intelligent, fast. A system that fosters, enriches and exports ideas far beyond its walls.

HOW DO VOU MEASURE THE SUCCESS of an inter­national congress or a prestigious art exhibition? ROI goes by the name of impact - when a conference makes a lasting impression or a work of art arouses emotion in the general public. From mediation to mediatisation, The Event Factory nourishes Monaco's capacity to amaze, seduce, showcase, amplify and dazzle.

A LABEL OF HIGH STANDARDS AND QUALITY. The Event Factory symbolises a responsible approach, unwavering commitment to the success of each event, and respect for human and environmental values. An energy powerline fuelled by the synergy of major business players and the determination of an entire country.

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