Grimaldi Forum Monaco

A LOW fare for a LARGE art exhibition!

With EXTRA LARGE, the Centre Pompidou's extravagantly sized artworks highlight this summer

It will be the Event this Summer 2012... For the first time, the famous Paris institution and its collections invade the Grimaldi Forum.EXTRA LARGE is conceived to display from July 13th till September 9th a cross-section of the Centre Pompidou collections through some of its most extravagantly sized artworks.

This spectacular exhibition exploring the idea of extreme size includes particularly large works by Miró, Dubuffet, Matta, Soulages, Frank Stella, Sam Francis and Yan Pei Ming along with sculptures, installations and environments by Tinguely,Beuys, Boltanski, Buren and Alain Séchas and pieces by Sol Lewitt, Kapoor, Penone and Bill Viola.Masterpieces of modern creativity brought together in a deliberately norm-defying artistic concept.

Now enjoy the Internet presale price 8 euros (instead of 12) to reserve your place in the land of the giants of the art of the twentieth! Simply click HERE