Grimaldi Forum Monaco



For its 6th issue,  the Point Art Monaco showroom changed its name, at the behest of its organizing committee, in favor of the name of a specialized show on the French Riviera in which different industries are grouped together under a single title "The Monaco European Art Show". Having taken up the torch of the Monaco Antique Biennial, the event aims to bring together the world’s best exhibitors in ancient and modern art, objects and collectibles, and fine jewelry with the renewed participation of the Jewels of the World.


Monaco ITER Business Forum 2016 (MIIFED-IBF)

The Monaco-ITER International Fusion Energy Days (MIIFED) combined with the ITER Business Forum (IBF) will bring together testimonies and experiences from the world industry about their participation in ITER. The conference will also review the progress achieved so far, the status of construction and manufacturing, and the upcoming industrial activities. Through B2B and B2C contacts, the event will also stimulate networking and technology transfer. An exhibit on the technological achievements of fusion and energy will be staged during the conference.