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Depending on the size and type of your event, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco teams will design and transform our spaces to create the most appropriate setting for your event:


Installation of exhibitions:

Layout plans,

Detailed blueprints,

Hire of modular structures for booths and various accessories (carpeting, shelves, door units, signs, etc)


Fitting out of spaces:

Organisation of space by the construction of temporary partitions

Installation of carpeting and wallcoverings

Hire of terracing, rostra, furniture, and various other materials and structures.



Design and construction of decoration for meeting rooms and other spaces,

Thematic gala diner, all inclusive proposals

Design and construction of customised booths



Needs brief

Personalized offer

Production and installation of direction signs and specific signage in meeting rooms



Team manager,

Skilled worker,

Goods handler



Lots of qualification in order to help you in your different projects!


Tel :  +377 99 99 21 00
Fax : +377 99 99 21 01