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Designers, lighting specialists, sound and image engineers… their expertise in audiovisual and stage facilities will show your event in the best light.


An in-house department works with a range of state-of-the-art staging and audiovisual facilities including both conventional stage equipment and high-tech devices.


All our crews, specialists in the fields of lighting, stage settings and the construction and mounting of scenery, in audio technology, video and film projection and simultaneous interpretation, or again in production and stage management, are organised around a core of supervisors and technicians with vast experience of the problems encountered in the fields of communication and live entertainment.


The mission of our crews of supervisors and technicians can be carried out in several steps according to your needs:


  • Design assistance
  • Definition of a stage design project
  • Specification of the necessary technical equipment and resources
  • Preparation of estimates
  • Equipment hire
  • Formation of crews
  • Installation
  • Operation


Technical staff:

You will find all sort of profession in the Grimaldi Forum Monaco: lighting, sound, projection, video, trussing, all our professionals will be happy to support you during your show. In any case they will be present in the venue.




The Grimaldi Forum Monaco have also a lot of equipment IN HOUSE and pre set for video, sound, light, rigging etc…

Save money with less staff for the set up and transportation.

  • Projection & Video
  • Lighting
  • Sound & simultaneous translation
  • Rigging equipment


Tel :  +377 99 99 21 00
Fax : +377 99 99 21 01