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Welcome in a more secure world!

For three days, on the occasion of the Conference on Security and Information Systems organized by DG Consultants (a subsidiary of Comexposium), more than a thousand CISO, CIO, Experts, have invested the Grimaldi Forum to comment, share and build together the answers to the security risks associated with changes in our society. Among the
topics to be discussed: digital forensics, governance, digital corporate, security frenzy, human heritage ...

In addition to a series of conferences dedicated to high-profile issues that affect the
daily SSI professionals, experts are looking on specific areas of Health and Local Authorities. A cycle dedicated to CCTV completes a program each year richer, with exceptional interventions in France, like those of Tom Gillis, Vice President Global Security Cisco, Marc van Zadelhoff, Director of Strategy, IBM Security Solutions, IBM Worldwide, or still Vivek Badrinath, Executive Director of Orange Business Services.

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