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Our environmental policy

Carrying forward HSH Prince Albert II's policy of actively promoting sustainable development, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco has set up a system of management that will reduce the impact of its events business on the environment.

ISO 14001-certified building and events management

We are proud to be in charge of a site that has held ISO 14001 certification since 2008. Consequently we want the Grimaldi Forum Monaco and its teams to continue setting an example by bringing our suppliers, partners, clients and visitors on board.

We are well aware that the Grimaldi Forum Monaco's business of hosting, organising and producing cultural and corporate events is by nature transient and resource-greedy. In order to make our day-to-day work consistently more ecoresponsible while still maintaining the excellent quality of our services, we undertake to ensure that the Grimaldi Forum Monaco's teams concentrate their efforts on:

  • using water and power efficiently,
  • sorting and recycling waste,
  • implementing an ecoresponsible purchasing policy,
  • using eco-certified wood and paper,
  • optimising preventive risk management,
  • promoting our policy, objectives and results both internally and externally.

Strong commitment, clear objectives, concrete action

To do this, we undertake:

  • to provide all the resources necessary for achieving our objectives,
  • to respect the relevant regulations and legal requirements in force as well as our clients' requirements,
  • to encourage our employees' awareness of, and interest in, environmental issues and to provide training in them,
  • to actively promote our Green Event package to organisers by proposing concrete means of organising eco-friendly events,
  • to involve our suppliers and on-site agents in our environmental policy,
  • to ensure our environmental performance is consistently improved.

A long-term focus, a recognised benchmark

We want the Grimaldi Forum Monaco to continue to be seen by the events industry as a benchmark for environmental management. For this we know we can count on the mobilisation and innovative mindset of everyone who works at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, and so guarantee the success of our consistently pro-active approach focused on a better quality of life for us all.

Jean Pastorelli -Chairman                                                  Sylvie Biancheri – General Manager