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All together against deforestation

Providing access to water to as many people as possible, conserving biodiversity, putting forward solutions to curb climate change and its effects: these are the three key action areas to which the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is dedicated. A huge environmental challenge when we know that tropical forests are home to more than 75% of the Earth’s biodiversity and their destruction is responsible for over 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Alarm bell has already rung… On the other side of the chain there is an economic sector: Tourism which has a real impact on the environment, and especially the business tourism, heavy consumer of wood and paper (ie: booth structure and printing publications…). Tourism has to be conscious of this Environmental issue.

An important reason that has brought the Monaco Tourist Office and the Grimaldi Forum Monaco to become partners of the “Monaco makes a commitment against deforestation” initiative, waged by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and MC2D.

Monaco Tourist Offi ce gathers partners all together in order to promote the Principality of Monaco as a leisure and business destination. The Grimaldi Forum Monaco, one of the fi rst european convention and cultural centre eco certifi ed, is also an ambassador of the Principality, positioning Monaco as a key destination on the international business tourism stage.