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A live performance by Hiroshi Hirata!

Highlight of the opening of the exhibition “Kyoto-Tokyo : from samouraï to manga”, the artist Hiroshi Hirata has realized a performance of calligraphy in live in front of its Serene Highness Prince Albert II and their Imperial Highness the Prince and the Princess Hitachi of Japan.

Master of the gekika, a form of manga designed for an adult public, Hiroshi Hirata is the author of numerous monuments of the Japanese literature such as “Satsuma, the honor of its samouraïs” or still “Zatoïchi”.

Surveyor of library, inveterate seeker, Hirata devotes its whole work to the Japan’s history and to samouraïs.

Crowned of success into the 70’s with the “Soul of the Kyudo” than the “Lander of life”, Hiroshi Hirata can be considered as a reference as a calligrapher, drawer and historian.

Finally let’s cite also one of its last works, “The 36 strategies of Kuroda” which its originals planks are exposed in the Grimaldi Forum until the 12th of September.

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