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Act Green News

Educate and inform on green actions by the Grimaldi Forum in line with its environmental certification: it is the purpose of this section, which gives pride to our e-MAG, devoted to news of sustainable development in the Principality of Monaco.

e-magazine n°8 - april 2015

Summary : A special focus on the first Monaco ePrix and Venturi Formula-e, a zoom on Solar Impulse's Mission Control Center in Monaco, the environmental results of the Grimaldi Forum and its awareness day, and highlights about Prince Albert II Foundation's actions protecting Ocean and Forests...

e-magazine n°7 - oct 2014

Summary : Companies drawing their innovation from the sea, our zoom on the two ambassadors that are the CESTMed and the France WWF, the recertification of Grimaldi Forum...

e-magazine n°6 - avril 2014

Summary : A focus on eco-mobility with a spotlight on the electric motorcycle 2.0, our zoom on Wild beauties from Namibia to Spain...